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Taster visits are expressly welcomed

Taster visits are expressly welcomed

Are you still at school or university and looking to gain some work experience? During your internship with us, you will experience what your future professional life could look like and discover numerous tasks and specialist fields that await you in an international manufacturing company. And you find out how you can contribute your interests and talents. Whether as a school student for your vocational orientation, as a university student as part of a bachelor’s or master’s degree course or as a working student to apply your newly acquired knowledge at the practical level, the Heitkamp & Thumann Group is your opportunity. Start your career – with us!

Your plus at the Heitkamp & Thumann Group

With us you will gain some valuable initial experiences

We will actively involve you in our day-to-day operational business with varied tasks. You will support us in various projects and thereby gain some valuable initial experiences in the world of work.

Knowledge at the practical level

Are you a university student? Then you can apply your theoretical knowledge at the practical level straight away with an internship. And if you then feel like writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis with us, that’s also possible.

Further education

During your internship you will gain extensive opportunities for training, learning and education.

Flexible working time

We offer flexible working time models where we can work out the amount of hours that you work together.

Performance-based allowance

For your internship you will receive a fair, performance-based allowance.

Your opportunities at the Heitkamp & Thumann Group

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Heitkamp & Thumann Group unites 15 companies from nine countries. The group is divided into two Divisions and three Business Units, focusing on niche products for high volume markets. Discover a group with diverse opportunities and realize your career aspirations.

H&T Battery Components

As the world’s largest manufacturer of metal components for alkaline batteries. H&T Battery Components makes deep-drawn cylindrical components for the consumer battery industry. H&T Battery Components is also the partner of choice for the development of rechargeable cell packaging solutions that are used in the electromobility and non-automotive sectors.

H&T Recharge

H&T Recharge is the partner of choice for battery can solutions in the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery industry. H&T Recharge entered this new industry early and has become the largest deep drawn can manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Supporting both automotive and non-automotive applications, H&T Recharge supports manufacturers serving the increasing cylindrical battery demand with a range of customized component solutions. Energizing Tomorrow. Today.

H&T Presspart

H&T Presspart is a world leader specialist in manufacturing deep-drawn and injection molded drug-delivery components and pharmaceutical devices. With a wide range of products and services, H&T Presspart has set new standards in the field of deep-drawn and injection molded medical device components, and is the partner of choice for leading pharmaceutical companies.

H&T Tool Design

H&T Tool Design serves as a highly specialized partner in tool parts optimization and engineering of technology solutions. The company supports tool and machine parts according to individual customer needs. Here, in the largest training company within the Heitkamp & Thumann Group, junior technical staff receive training.

H&T Industrial

H&T Industrial is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-precision metal components, metal pressings and stamped parts. The company has more than 45 years of experience serving many different industrial sectors, and the production capacity to serve high-volume markets.

H&T ProduktionsTechnologie

H&T ProduktionsTechnologie is a specialist in the development and construction of metal forming tools, machines and highly automated production equipment for users within and outside the Heitkamp & Thumann Group. In addition to a press series based entirely on servo technology, the portfolio includes high-speed transfer presses, CNC transfer systems, high-speed swivel cutting tools, and metal bellows machines.

Taster visits are expressly welcomed - Your way to the Heitkamp & Thumann Group

A taster session is welcome!

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